• Extended Stem Ball
    Valve (High/Low Temp.)

    Our valves are designed for ease of
    maintenance and maximum reliability regardless...


  • Flowchem make extended stem of ball valve provide excellent performance in higher temperature or low temperature or cryogenic applications.
  • The extended bonnet design moves the stem seals further away from the process flow's temperature, and the stem seals' temperature is closer to ambient temperature.
  • Extended bonnet provides stem packing much away from process fluid & therefore installed insulation typically will not need to be disturbed to adjust the stem packing. If and when stem leakage occurs, it can be immediately observed and corrective action taken without insulation removal.
  • For buried applications, the flowchem api 6d extended stem fully welded ball valves has cylindrical body welded by forging materials with two welding seams but without bolts & nuts to avoid potential leakage from body.

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