• Gas Operated
    Gas Actuation
    Valve (GOOV/GP)

    Our valves are designed for ease of
    maintenance and maximum reliability regardless...


  • Gas operated actuators are commonly utilized in pipeline applications and are ideally suited for sweet natural gas lines, wherein the actuators use the gas in the line. These types of actuators can be either direct gas operated or gas over oil type. In both configurations, a biodegradable hydraulic fluid is utilized in offshore applications for safer operation.
  • Direct gas actuators utilize a high-pressure natural gas or nitrogen supply to achieve on or off control of a valve in any natural gas transmission application. Direct gas actuators only come in double acting configurations. These actuators are known to have very smooth operation due to inherent design characteristics & less likely to leak hydraulic fluid to the environment, which can sometimes be an issue when utilizing gas over oil actuators and direct gas actuators also require very less cleaning and routine maintenance in comparison to gas over oil actuators.

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