About Flowchem

The valve industry for too many years has been dominated by a relatively number of manufacturers, each possessing, enormous capacity but relatively little flexibility. It is our hope at Flowchem Industries to stress being flexible. What do we mean by this term? To us flexibility permits us to offer many types of special requirements often not readily available from the high capacity, mass production manufacturers.

Flowchem Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial Valves like, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Globe valve and Swing check valve. Flowchem has been servicing the Oil Industries, Petro Chemical Industries, Pharmaceuticals Unit, Power Plants, Refineries, Paper Industries, Cement Plants, Steel Plants since 1981 with product range in size 006 mm to 600 mm and pressure rating up to 2500 class.

Flowchem Industries is authorized to use API monogram on their products; under API license number 6D - 0412 & 6D - 1106 for API 6D. Flowchem Industries quality management system has been certified to ISO 9001:2015 by BVQI.

Flowchem head office is located at ahmedabad and plant is located at Rakanpur, Gandhinagar in 5000 squre meter area facilities on the premises include machine shop, assembly & test bench and warehouse. Flowchem workshop having 1775 squre meter floor area, 170 hp power connection, CNC machineries, fire safe testing bench, CV testing bench hydro pneumatic testing facilities. We have our own foundry with in house heat treatment and physical & chemical testing lab and spectrometer machine. Modern custom designed machineries, equipments and methods throughout the plant combine to produce valves to high standards of quality. During manufacturing all parts are subject to a routine quality control. After assembly every valves are subjected to a shell and seat test.

We had made an enormous investment in testing equipments and the inspection process. No valve goes to the next stage of the production process without passing the inspection of each process. We conduct a rigorous test of the quality and chemical composition of the raw material. Dimensional and visual inspections are rigidly conducted on every components of the assembly. Our valves are subjected to 100% pressure tests to guarantee users with full satisfaction.

The staff at Flowchem prides themselves in their ability to respond to specific customer's requirements. Flowchem has repeatedly constructed equipment for extraordinary applications, whether it be valves for cryogenic service, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive media or a combination of these service requirements. Flowchem Industry's experience includes specialized material selection for the successful control of corrosive and erosive flow media.

We have a set up to provide special modifications without great delays. We also extend to automated valves on which we particularly pride ourselves. As an independent and flexible manufacturer we can work with you in order to meet whatever is your requirements which are most important to us, our customers. We also offer our willingness to discuss, suggest and assist in the choice of the right valves which fits your applications.